Current account switch

Switch bank account
to Royal Bank

Switching to Royal Bank is easy

Switching is where we move everything across from your old bank account to your new Royal Bank current account, including your balance, bill payments, etc, within 7 working days.

We manage the whole process for you, and it's backed by an industry-wide guarantee to ensure the move goes smoothly. We do this using the Current Account Switch Service.

We can help you switch bank accounts within your application - to start, just choose the bank account that's right for you.

How does the switching process work?

Day 1 and 2

The Current Account Switch Service will contact your old bank and they confirm if the switch can go ahead.

Day 3

Your new account will then be set up and your payments, like your salary and bill payments will be moved across.
Asset 2

Day 6

We talk to your old bank about transferring your balance over.
Asset 4

Day 7

Your balance will then be transferred and your old account will be closed. And that’s your switch complete.

Frequently asked questions - Switching

I'm ready to switch

Great, thanks for choosing to switch your current account to us. Are you a…

The first step is to apply for a current account with us

To start your switch, browse our range of eligible accounts and when you are ready, start the online application. You'll be able to request the switch during the application.

How your information might be used

It's important for you to understand how we use and share your information. Please read this short summary before you continue with your application.

Are you ready to continue?

Great, looks like you're all set and ready to go.