Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Last update 3rd April 2020, 1800

An update from Royal Bank on coronavirus

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, we all face the difficult challenge of responding to the impact it is having on our lives. We are here to support you through these uncertain times.

Please help us to support those most vulnerable by only calling or visiting our branches if it’s absolutely critical, and you are unable to do what you need to on our app or Digital Banking. If you need help with completing your banking this way, our webchat and Message Us support are there for you.

Please check in on this page to find our latest support and resources for you during this time.

Our phone lines are extremely busy, please only call if it's absolutely critical

Financial support available to you

We have put a range of measures in place to help support you if you're experiencing financial difficulties as a result of the outbreak:

  1. 01

    Payment holidays for up to 3 months to support with the impact of coronavirus on Royal Bank Mortgages. You can find more information on applying for a payment holiday on our managing your mortgage page.

  2. 02

    Payment deferrals of up to 3 months to support with the impact of coronavirus on Royal Bank Loans.

    • Log into our mobile app, simply tap 'Help' at the bottom of the screen followed by 'Message us' and quote 'coronavirus loan' in your message. 

    Find out how to get the app

  3. 03

    You can apply for an increased credit card limit.

  4. 04

    Refunds on request for Royal Bank credit card cash advance fees, where you've needed to access cash in an emergency.

  5. 05

    Early closure of Royal Bank fixed savings accounts to access cash with no early closure charge. To close your fixed term savings account, you can call us on 03457 24 24 24 (Relay UK: 18001 03457 24 24 24).

  6. 06

    You can request an increase in your Royal Bank Debit Card cash withdrawal limit of up to £500 to help you access your money. To do this, you can call us on 03457 24 24 24 (Relay UK: 18001 03457 24 24 24).

  7. 07

    From Monday 30th March, for three months, all of our Personal Banking customers using their overdraft will pay less as we’re keeping overdraft interest at their current rates and they won’t pay any fees or charges. To find out more, please see our overdrafts page.

  8. 08

    We won’t charge a late fee for any credit card payments due from 1st April until 30th June 2020. You don’t need to get in touch, we will do this automatically. You should still try to make at least your minimum monthly payment on time to avoid affecting your ability to get credit in the future.

  9. 09

    The limit for contactless spending with your debit or credit card is increasing from £30 to £45. Retailers need to update their systems to accept these changes, so you don’t need to contact us if your contactless payment over £30 is declined, simply continue to use chip and PIN. You’ll still need to occasionally enter your PIN when presenting your card to prove it’s really you.

    Find out more about contactless limits here

How to bank from home

You can do all of your essential banking and more from home in a safe and secure way.

Get the Royal Bank app

Use our mobile app to manage your banking

Our mobile app is the fastest way to manage your finances without needing to leave your home.

Criteria applies.

Digital Banking

Manage your money from your laptop or computer

With Digital Banking you'll be able to manage your money from home using your laptop or personal computer.

Criteria applies.

Video banking

Use our Video Banking service

If you're unable to visit one of our Royal Bank branches, our video bankers may be able to help you.

Criteria applies.

NHS workers support

We’re dedicated to you, while you’re dedicated to others

We know you’re working really hard, so we want to do everything we can to help you. We've set up a new telephone line just for you, so you can get advice about your finances 24/7.

Banking for everyone

Useful guides, details of our dedicated support line and information for those of us self-isolating for health or age related reasons.

Business support available

Is coronavirus affecting your business?

If you’re concerned with the financial impact of coronavirus on your business, we are here to help. Visit our coronavirus business support page to find practical advice, answers to common questions, and useful links to support such as government-backed business loans and capital repayment holidays.

Other ways we can help

Struggling financially

Use our mobile app and online banking

We’ve created handy how to videos to help you set up and use the app. Join over 1.3 million other customers that are already banking at home using the Royal Bank mobile app.

Criteria applies.


What to do when someone dies

We know that losing someone is extremely difficult, we want to give you the support you need during this time.

Help for carers

Caring for someone vulnerable

Find out what to do if you are one of the 6.5 million people in the UK who provides unpaid care by looking after someone who is ill, older or disabled.

Banking for kids

Help teach kids about money at home

We want to help educate 5-18 year olds to build a better financial future for themselves and others. Take advantage of our free resources to help  teach your children about money from the comfort of your home.

Managing your money

Tips on managing your finances

Helpful hints on budgeting, saving towards a particular goal, investing and understanding borrowing options.

Changes at work

Know your employment rights

For support with issues like redundancies, returning to work after a break and employment contracts, we’ve pulled together a useful guide to your working rights to help you.

Travel information

Travel plans and coronavirus

If you are concerned about planned travel arrangements and how coronavirus could impact them, it's best to contact the company you booked with in the first instance for further guidance. 

For more information you can visit our travel guide page which has answers to frequently asked questions, help if your travel plans have changed and government travel advice.

Coronavirus scams

We want to keep you safe. Scammers are taking full advantage of the worry and uncertainty being caused by coronavirus. It could be easy to let your guard slip, but keeping your money safe and secure really is more important than ever.

With scammers looking to exploit every opportunity they can, you’re more likely than ever to be a target of their tricks. Don’t become a victim – by sharing the tactics scammers are using right now, we can help you keep you, your family, friends and those in your local community safe. For more information on how we can help keep you and your money safe and secure, please visit our security centre.

Frequently asked questions

Helpful information

Service status page

To help minimise the spread of coronavirus, we are carefully following the latest government recommendations and are putting plans in place to ensure we can continue to service our customers.  

Branch locator

To find which of our branches are currently open and their opening hours, please visit our branch locator.

Latest updates and advice from gov.co.uk.

Updates from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Benefits calculator by turn2us.org.

A coronavirus suport page from The Money Advice Service.

Details on emergency utility services from Step Change.

The National Emergencies Trust (NET) has launched a fundraising appeal to raise funds to help local charities support those individuals suffering hardship as a result of the coronavirus outbreak in the UK. Donate to the National Emergencies Trust.

We hope we have helped

Hopefully you have found what you are looking for, if not, rest assured that we are doing all we can to provide the support you need during this challenging time. We will be making regular updates to this page over the coming days and weeks and endeavour to help get you through this.

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